From 0 to 63k Search Volume in the Top 10 Within 3 Weeks

Last month, I worked with one of my clients in the beauty niche to launch a new product. This niche is notoriously competitive and we had high aspirations for this product.

I conducted a competitive analysis and keyword research and determined 22 keywords I felt we could target and rank. We planned to have a launch period of over 30 days and to use Facebook ads, Manychat, and their customer email list. We budgeted a little over $10k for off Amazon traffic, and another 10k for Amazon PPC.

The first 2 weeks saw a steady rise in keyword rankings. By the fourth week, we hit peak keyword ranking, with over 63k in search volume within the top 10 and nearly 230k within the top 50.



These keywords were spread out among several different keywords, protecting us from keyword fluctuation and eventual competition coming in and targeting all the same keywords.



This launch is now over. The client’s keywords in the top 10 are in between 30k and 40k search volume, and this is now their best selling SKU.