Selling 857 Units/month In the Notoriously Competitive Supplements Niche

I helped a client in the supplement niche research a new product and set up the listing for this product. We both knew that the supplement niche is particularly competitive so we were ready for an uphill battle.

We decided to only target 5 main keywords as we did not want to blow his budget being super aggressive on very competitive keywords. We also decided to not use Amazon PPC as the cost per click in the supplement niche, and especially for this product, is particularly high.

We spent a little over $10k in Facebook ads direct to Amazon along with a few campaigns to his email contacts.

Overall we were able to land #1 for most of his target keywords. We also received 132 reviews with an average of 4.3 stars. He is now selling 857 units a month (organically) of this product with a profit margin of 40%.