Launching a Luxury Brand


This product was launched on May 19, 2020:


This is a brand new product so everything started from 0. I would also consider this a more luxury item as the price point is significantly higher than most of the competitors on the Amazon market.

As you can see, we have been able to leverage this customer’s email and manychat list I built to lower our ad spend to around $112. Our CPC is around $.16.

As of today (June 5, 2020), we have given around 270 units away via our manychat flow. Around 220 of these were full price units and another 50 were 50-80% off. We are currently testing the percent off that is why it’s between 50-80%.

In about 2 weeks we have been able to get a search volume of over 20k in the top 20. We will run this launch for another 2-3 weeks and try to get another 30k in the top 20.

We were able to go from 0 to 124 reviews with a rating of 4.9 in 2 weeks. Also note that 122 out of the 124 reviews are verified.

Another good thing to note is that our BSR is in the 9k range, peaking at 6k early in the week. The goal for this would be to get the BSR around 5k when the launch ends.

These results may not be typical for most clients on their first launch, as I have worked closely with this client to build their assets to drive down costs and help market their products more effectively. Building assets is something we specialize at, and is a big part of helping to drive down costs and rank more effectively.

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Selling 857 Units/month In the Notoriously Competitive Supplements Niche

I helped a client in the supplement niche research a new product and set up the listing for this product. We both knew that the supplement niche is particularly competitive so we were ready for an uphill battle.

We decided to only target 5 main keywords as we did not want to blow his budget being super aggressive on very competitive keywords. We also decided to not use Amazon PPC as the cost per click in the supplement niche, and especially for this product, is particularly high.

We spent a little over $10k in Facebook ads direct to Amazon along with a few campaigns to his email contacts.

Overall we were able to land #1 for most of his target keywords. We also received 132 reviews with an average of 4.3 stars. He is now selling 857 units a month (organically) of this product with a profit margin of 40%.


From 0 to 362, 4 and 5 Star Reviews

One client needed to get reviews for a newly launched product. Using their email list, I created a flow to help them get verified purchases and reviews. This flow was mainly used for review generation, but it also helped get full price sales which in turn increased conversion rate. These reviews were not incentivized and were TOS compliant.

I also created a JSON ad and Manychat flow to follow up with customers who bought their products. Unlike the email, these ads were directed to a cold audience. Again, this flow was mainly used for review generation, but it also helped get full price sales which in turn increased conversion rate.

Within 30 days we were able to get 362 honest reviews. Moreover, the average review rating is a 4.9, and 305 out of 362 are verified purchases.



From 0 to 63k Search Volume in the Top 10 Within 3 Weeks

Last month, I worked with one of my clients in the beauty niche to launch a new product. This niche is notoriously competitive and we had high aspirations for this product.

I conducted a competitive analysis and keyword research and determined 22 keywords I felt we could target and rank. We planned to have a launch period of over 30 days and to use Facebook ads, Manychat, and their customer email list. We budgeted a little over $10k for off Amazon traffic, and another 10k for Amazon PPC.

The first 2 weeks saw a steady rise in keyword rankings. By the fourth week, we hit peak keyword ranking, with over 63k in search volume within the top 10 and nearly 230k within the top 50.



These keywords were spread out among several different keywords, protecting us from keyword fluctuation and eventual competition coming in and targeting all the same keywords.



This launch is now over. The client’s keywords in the top 10 are in between 30k and 40k search volume, and this is now their best selling SKU.